Web Map of Lake Idro

Around the lake in a few clicks: hiking, biking, villages, pastures, folklore..clicca, discover, download tracks and paths (also for your Garmin) and enjoy a heavenly land!


Lake Idro with your smartphone!

With the APP PDF Maps (available for iOS and Android), you can discover the entire network of footpaths that start from Lake Hydro to Caffaro Valley and Piccole Dolomiti Bresciane! Hiking, biking, shelters, huts, mountain lakes, cool forests, meadows, pastures ... know the area will be very esay: impossible to get lost. The APP also works off-line, without a safety net, using GPS technology. Turn off roaming and come walking: Lake Idro awaits!

Ecomuseum Valle del Caffaro

Depositary of the traditions of the Valle del Caffaro, Lake Idro and Bagolino, the Ecomuseum Valle del Caffaro is the ideal destination for those who want to learn more about these places, their history, anecdotes, the story significant.
You will find detailed information about the Carnival of Bagolino, on Bagòss and the people who inhabit this beautiful area.

Mountain Bike adventures

Lake Idro is a paradise for lovers of mountain biking: with its 200 kilometers of paths is the ideal destination for those who enjoy cycling in nature adventuring through forests, meadows and mountain meadows enjoying a unique view of this beautiful lake foothills.
Summer has come! What are you waiting to enjoy your holidays riding on Lake Idro?

Bagòss: made in Bagolino

The Bagòss is true excellence product "signed Bagolino".
It is a mountain cheese, hard cheese, produced according to traditional methods that date back to the Venetian Republic: a cheese-colored like gold, obtained through the addition of precious saffron in the curd.
The flavor is unmistakable with spicy sensations and notes of grazing and haymaking.