Lake Idro

Lake Idro is situated in Valle Sabbia, in the province of Brescia, bordering with Trentino. Embedded between Lake Garda, the Trentine Dolomites and the Southern Rhaetian Alps, this territory offers all genres of tourist activities, in an absolutely unique landscape context. You can dive in the blue water, enveloped by green mountains; the sports lovers can challenge themselves in a thousand evolutions with kitesurfing, sailing and windsurfing, helped by the soft blowing of the Ander wind in the afternoon; you can enjoy sportive fishing which is much appreciated on Lake Idro.
Lake Idro is safe for bathing from June to September and has many natural crushed stone beaches, as well as fully equipped bathing stations to be discovered. During the afternnon the Ander wind blows constantly, a soft, pleasant wind and not too strong, that allows water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing (with specialized schools and equipment hire facilities). The lake is surronded by the wooded Prealpi Bresciane, that offer a rich network of excursions that reach peaks of 2,000m altitude, forming a natural terrace from which to enjoy a truly inspiring panorama.In fact, the Eridio appears like an enchanting fiord set between mountains and valleys that embrace the shores and guide the visitors to a discovery of rich excursions and panoramas. 

Natural beaches
Windsurfing, fishing
250 km of hiking