Dairy Product of excellence, the Bagòss is a typical cheese of the Municipality of Bagolino (hence the name), the semi-hard and whose characteristics are known and appreciated worldwide.
The production takes place entirely in the municipality, where 28 manufacturers recognized breed 1,100 Brown Swiss cows feeding them hays cut in the mountain pastures of the Caffaro Valley. The cheese is produced following an ancient tradition dating back to the fifteenth century, when the Republic of Venice gave to this dairy product from the similar color to gold. Feature that makes this cheese is just the addition of saffron, as well as give off a delicate aroma, gives the pasta its golden color. Today the art of dairy Bagòss is maintained by cheesemakers Bagolino and summer repopulate the huts scattered in the surrounding mountains, where he continues the practice of transhumance cattle, brought in proportion to feed on grass pastures foothills, here rich xanthophylls carotenoids and the foundation of its unique aroma and unmistakable.
The cheese has the typical odor of mature cheese, spicy with hints of saffron and scents that evoke precisely the pastures and hays mountain. The flavor is intense, slightly spicy with an aroma that leaves a bitter aftertaste.
A particular set of very rigid articulated stages of production, from the formation of the curd, salting, by marking up the seasoning that goes from 15 to 24 to 36 months. The weight of a form is comprised between 18 and 20 kg, the diameter is 40-50 cm the rind of 12-15 cm.
The Bagòss can be enjoyed in the mountain huts or inns in the area, but because of its unique flavor and fine you can find it in the menus of fine starred restaurants and food shops in the world's most famous (the Temple of Gastronomy "Peck" in Milan Harrods of London).
In addition to Bagòss it creates an outstanding butter made with the cream removed from milk during the skimming, ricotta and goat vaccine and greatly appreciated.

A cheese produced in Bagolino by five centuries.
Excellence of the territory: a uniqueness to discover!